Are you EMV ready?

Fraudulent charges happen all the time. Don’t get stuck with the liability! Upgrade to an EMV-ready terminal today.

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Clover™ is here.

Clover is a new, revolutionary smart POS system that will change your business and allow you to focus on your passion.

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Protect Customers and Your Business with an EMV-Ready Terminal!

EMV is being adopted all over the US. As of October 1, 2015, merchants without EMV terminals will be held responsible for any fraudulent charges made. Protect yourself now.

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Love Clover™.

Clover System combines ease of use with a powerful app-based system that will let you customize your POS to fit your needs right out of the box.

Clover is here to help your business get better. Contact a VMS Small Business Specialist to find out how to get yours today.

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