Apple Pay™ is Here.

Apple Pay brings safe, private, easy-to-use mobile payments to millions of customers. Are you ready?

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Plays well with Clover™ Station.

Clover and Apple Pay™ are made to go together. The sleek design of the Clover™ Station with the ease of Apple Pay make a winning combination.
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Make Accepting Apple Pay™ a Breeze.

The Verifone VX520 will help you process credit cards, debit cards, EBT and Apple Pay at lightning speeds.
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Easy to Learn, Easy to Use.

Apple Pay is just as easy to use for you, the merchant. Once you have an NFC-enabled pinpad, you can get started right away. Employees will catch on easily as well, and you’ll be ready to appeal to a wider market.
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Easy to use.

With just a tap of the phone and fingerprint confirmation, customer payment information is transferred safely and privately using advanced security measures. No need for customers to fumble through wallets to find cards, it’s all streamlined, making transactions more more quickly.

Security you can trust.

Transactions stay secure, thanks to tokenization. This technology prevents credit card numbers and information being sent over the air in the touchless transaction. Additionally, customers verify each purchase with a Touch ID–their fingerprint.

Personal information stays personal.

Customers will love the fact that your store values their privacy. Once they know that buying from you is a secure experience, they will return again and again.

About Apple Pay


Apple Pay is a new quick mobile payment system that can be used to pay for items at retailers or inside apps. The basic idea is that you enter and store credit card information securely in your phone, then you can hold up your iPhone to a credit card terminal to make a payment. All of this is more secure than a classic credit card swipe; there are many precautions taken, including long cryptic codes and confirming your purchase with a fingerprint.

How an Apple Pay Transaction Works

Step 1:

Customer makes a purchase and sees an Apple Pay/NFC-ready terminal. Instead of grabbing their wallet, they use their phone and wave it near the pinpad.

Step 2:

Customer is given the choice to use their default card (securely stored in their phone) or to change to another card. They seamlessly authorize the transaction with a thumbprint confirmation.


Step 3:

Apple Pay technology uses a tokenization process to relay the information in a single-use transaction to the financial institution for authorization. No personal data is exposed.

Step 4:

Within seconds, the payment is confirmed from the financial institution and the transaction is complete.

Why should I accept Apple Pay?


Apple Pay is the future.

Mobile Payment is here, and it’s here to stay. As Apple Pay gains popularity, other NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies are on the way, which will also work with the same pin pad. Upgrading now will serve you well in the future as this technology takes off.


Apple Pay is secure.

With more and more instances of customer data being compromised, it’s good to know that the safety of Apple is behind the payment method.


Apple Pay is convenient.

Your employees will need virtually no training to learn how to use it, and the transaction process cuts down wait-time as users won’t have to fish around for their chosen credit card.

Verifone VX 520 for Apple Pay.

  • Accept Apple Pay
  • Accept Credit, Debit, EBT, and EMV Cards
  • Built-In Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Connect via Ethernet or Phone Line
  • Holds up to 9 MIDs
  • Tip Functions
  • Age Verification (restaurant / bar)
  • Manual Batch

Apple Pay + Clover = Bread + Butter.

Clover has been hard at work to enable acceptance of both In-Person and In-App payments for Apple Pay. Customers can pay with the ease of tapping their iPhone 6 at the Clover Station attached FD-40 PIN pad accessory. Clover is NFC-enabling all current and future Clover products to ensure Apple Pay and other NFC payment solutions are integrated into the Clover experience.

Get started now and be entered to win an iPhone 6!

It is time to upgrade your payment processing to get with the changing times. Attract new customers and enable your business to accept Apple Pay now, and you will be automatically entered to win a new iPhone 6.