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What is an EMV Smart Chip Card?

EMV cards are the future of electronic payment. Learn why you need to support it, then sign up to stay up-to-date on your equipment.
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EMV chip credit card technology is going into full effect this year. Upgrade your terminal today to stay up to date and secure.
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Are You EMVCard Safe?

If you don’t adopt EMV, the safest method of payment, you, as a merchant, are liable for fraud that occurs on any EMV card used on a magnetic swipe terminal.
How can you stay safe?

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2015 is already here. Make sure you’re protected against this year’s fraud liability shift.
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7 out of 10 U.S. credit cards will have EMV chips this year.

EMV chip technology is catching on fast. Find out more about EMV and fraud, then upgrade today.
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Used worldwide.

EMV chip credit cards technology is not a new technology. Countries in Europe, South America, and even Canada have all adopted EMV with great success. The US is finally catching on, and once it does, EMV will be everywhere.

Security you can trust.

EMV is being adopted because of the security in place. With the added protection of the chip that cannot be skimmed, plus the secret PIN number required, there is a much lower chance of security breaches, which means peace of mind.

The clock is ticking.

Time is quickly running out before the liability for fraud falls on the shoulders of merchants that aren’t prepared for EMV. With backwards compatibility, it makes sense to switch now for a seamless transition into the new age of EMV credit cards.

About EMV Chip Credit Cards


EMV (which stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa) refers to the smart chip technology being adopted in the US. It has already been adopted successfully all over the world, and has a proven rate to lower the risk of fraudulent charges made by stealing information from traditional swipe credit cards. This is because the EMV smart chips are very difficult to reproduce. Additionally, the authorization process is more secure and frequently involves entering a secret PIN number and/or a customer signature.

EMV by the Numbers


US’s rank for card fraud in the last 5 years due to lack of security.


The annual cost of card fraud in the U.S. alone.


of merchants surveyed ranked payment security among their top three priorities for 2015.

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The United States ranked #1 globally for card fraud for the last 5 years.
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How an EMV Transaction Works

Step 1:

Customer makes a purchase and sees an EMV contact or contactless terminal. They decide to use their EMV smart chip card to make the purchase.

Step 2:

Customer inserts their card into the EMV card slot, activating the microprocessor inside the card. The terminal verifies that the card is legitimate.

Step 3:

The customer is prompted to enter a secret PIN and/or  a signature to verify the card. This depends on the bank, card, and merchant.


Step 4:

A unique code is generated for the specific transaction, and the payment information is securely transferred through the terminal.


Step 5:

Within seconds, the payment is confirmed and the transaction is complete.

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